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RAF hero, budding musician and all round nice guy Eddie Wallis (Jerome Flynn – Soldier, Soldier; Badger), devastated at having to leave the air force due to injury, takes a train to London where he unexpectedly meets the gorgeous and forthright Dolly Nightingale (Julia Sawalha – Lark Rise To Candleford, Absolutely Fabulous) who quickly captures more than just his attention. Meanwhile, Eric Trapp (Robson Green – Wire In The Blood, Like Father Like Son), a dissolute charmer and owner of his own private detective agency is looking out for number one, splitting his time between shady investigations and playing double-bass in the Ray Smiles Big Band. But when Wallis and Trapp meet at auditions, the pair take an instant dislike to one another; a sentiment that is exacerbated when the two become lead singers for the ailing band. With Eddie trying to romance Dolly and land on his feet, Trapp s past associations pull the two musicians squarely into the centre of a world of trouble with London gangsters, foreign spies and numerous misadventures, including exploding bombs, erupting all around them.

Release Date:
09 Nov 2009
Running Time:
180 mins
Directed By
Norman Stone
Tom Beard
Robson Green
Jerome Flynn
Julia Sawalha