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There are a variety of ways to navigate the Planet website.

  1. Browsing
  2. Searching

1 Browsing

If you simply need to browse the library, first choose the relevant category page from the left menu (DVD + Video, Music, Books etc.) then choose the Browse option from the menu at the top of that page. You can now browse the library alphabetically. Note: Due to the sheer size of the library, this will return hundreds of pages of results and may be the more time consuming option. For quicker results try searching using keywords (see below).

2 Searching

For a general search of the complete website spanning all catergories, use the library keyword search bar above the left navigation menu. This will search all areas of Planet (ie. Films, Music, Posters etc.) and return the relevant pages containing the matching items to the keyword(s) in your search. Then simply follow the links to the related pages.

For a more specific search of the Planet library (ie. Film Title, Artist) first choose the applicable category from the left navigation menu. Then click the Search option from the sub-menu containing the Browse, Search, Review and Wishlist options at the top of the page. You can now enter keywords or titles to return a list of relevant pages for that catergory alone.

If you would like to search for a particular actor/director to view a list of films they have starred in/worked on use the general keyword search option and follow the link from the “People” catergory returned in the search.