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8 Albums Enjoyed By Planet Music Staff in 2010

I asked the crew in Planet Music what are their favourite albums of last year and, to give them a challenge, say just five words about each one.



  Konono No 1 - Assume Crash Position

Trance-inducing crash-bang tribalism


Salem-KingKnight.jpgSalem - King Night

Cobweb-draped junky drone synths


sun-araw-on-patrol.jpgSun Araw - On Patrol

Tropical squelches & humid, psychedelic dub


le-noise.jpgNeil Young - Le Noise

Desert ballads, swirling delay & bones


teebs-600x600-1.jpgTeebs - Ardour

Chiming daydream, hazy circular movement


Cerulean-Baths_480.jpgBaths - Cerulean

Deep lagoon beats, love songs


Dimlite-Prismic-Tops-EP-550x550.jpgDimlite - Prismic Tops

Robotic syncopation, gleaming chromium mist


bonobo_black_sands_albumcover_k.jpgBonobo - Black Sands

Velveteen shimmer & lush orchestration

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