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Planet Video was established mid 1990 by a couple of frustrated fans of popular culture (slackers) who realized that if they wanted a library of film that contained everything available – especially arthouse, cult & classic titles – they would have to do it themselves.

The business was born on the main Mount Lawley intersection and grew exponentially from 75 square metres as the public came to appreciate Planet’s philosophy. In 1996 retail of film and music was added and 2006 saw the addition of a bookshop. The business now extends over 1000 square metres of floor space and retails film, music, books and associated products, as well as holding Australia’s most extensive library of film, documentaries, performance and television. In theory if you come to Planet you can watch the film, hear the soundtrack, play the game, buy the poster and read the script or buy the book it was based upon – soon with a cup of coffee in the cafe that will adjoin the bookshop. In the meantime, take the virtual tour, we hope you enjoy!


Planet got its name from the owners’ desire to have a neon sign depicting a ringed planet on the corner facade to try and brighten up Mt Lawley which was pretty drab in those days.

The Astor cinema was falling apart and cafe’s were rare as the proverbial rocking horse. The other idea was to incorporate a fish tank into the counter and call it “My Beautiful Video Shop”. I think the correct decision was made.

The aim of Planet was to get all those movies that you could never find on video all in the one place. Countless months were spent scouring video warehouses across Australia to find that elusive copy of “Vanishing Point” or “Pink Flamingoes”. We now boast the most extensive film library in the country (that we know of) available to the general public.

Planet opened its doors in December 1990 after the metamorphosis of its predecessor Topshow Video.

Locals may remember the “Pink Video Shop” on the corner of Beaufort and Walcott St, it had been around since the early 80’s and was in need of some pretty urgent attention.